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We offer you world class certification program and Quality Certification Inspection for your organisation

We offer you world class certification program and Quality Certification Inspection for your organisation UK Management Certification is an Independent, Certification Body established as per the requirement of IS/ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 (Conformity Assessment-Requirements for Bodies providing Audit and Certification of Management Systems). UK Management Certification is established as an independent certification Body and Training Organization. The address of this certification company is: is registered in Registrar of Companies for England under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company. UK Management Certification is a company of by shares and having a registered office in England under the business nature of compliance for Third-Party System & Product certification for their clients.

UK Management Certification is able to provide clients with a tailored blend of services. The professional expertise and extensive global experience within legislation and assessments held by the experts of UK Management Certification form the basis of an invaluable and in-depth service for all companies across the globe. Our assessment and certification processes are shaped by constant research activities and significant investments in technology and human resources ensuring competitive first-class services. and also it contributes market-leading services include everything from drafting an ISO compliant manual, to offering on-site training and certification.

It is based on the principle that suitably qualified and experienced building professionals and tradesmen can accept responsibility for ensuring work complies with the building regulations without the need for detailed scrutiny of designs or inspections by verifiers has helped implement management systems in Organisations of all sizes, and is unique in the ISO marketplace with over 30 full-time regional Consultants who have the experience to make Certification as effortless as possible.

UK Management Certification works to ensure that fire, security, environmental and other products and services provide the quality of performance and protection that they should. We also provide ISO Certification Services in India, Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, Korea Republic of, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mauritius, Montenegro, Nepal, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, UK, USA.

We are an independent, third-party approvals organization, offering certification of products, services, and systems to an international market. Our testing and approvals are carried out by recognized experts in world-class facilities. We also offer cutting-edge research and consultancy services.

Quality Veritas main objective to provide its services in the domains of Product Certification, CE Certification, ROHS Compliance Certification, 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems, 14001 Environmental Management Systems, 45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems/HACCP, ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems, Business Continuity Management Systems, Information Technology- Service Management Systems, QMS-Automotive Production, Medical Devices-QMS, GMP Certification, Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy Management Systems.


The schemes operated by UK Management Certification reflect the needs of the user and provider alike. Decisions taken must be impartial of these requirements. Whilst remaining realistic and practical, UK Management Certification works according to the policies within a legislative framework and requirements of the accreditation board.

UK Management Certification Certification Services shall impose the suspension based on the conditions defined in the certification rules. The Certification shall be suspended due to the below-given reasons:-

If the audit is not conducted within the specified scheduled time frame. If the client fails to clear the dues/fees or any expenses incurred during the audit. The certificate shall be suspended if the standard you are complying with, is not established. The reasons which caused suspension shall comply within a maximum of 1 month after this the suspended certificate will be withdrawn.

Communications involved before the suspension of the certification. Reminder letter. Pre-Suspension letter. Suspension Letter.


elated to the client’s Certification status in every possible manner. The same shall be achieved through following means. The various stages (as applicable) in which UK Management Certification Services shall be communicating shall be as follows. Intimation for the Audits.. Auditor Release Information. Audit completion status Confirmation of the receipt of the Documents by UK Management Certification Certification Services Continuation of the Certifications/Release of Certificate. Occasional Wishes. Pre- Suspension Letter Suspension Letter Pre-Cancellation Letter. Cancellation Letter. Any Other Relevant Information Mode of Communication Email SMS Social Medias Posts Telephonically

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Value added assessment

We give value added assessment by its trained, quality conscious, experienced auditors & technical experts.

Management System

99% Our unbiased auditing services with wide range of scopes help to explore Management System's benefit in a friendly manner.


UK Management Certification is a team of expert and managers with deep knowledge and experince in Training, Certification and Auditing.


Our aim is to build long term relations with our clients. You can be sure that prices for certification and declaration and other services will be reasonable and meet your expectations.


We promise you operational consultations, professional approach to consultations and desisions that will be best for your business and case.


We understand that many companies need training, certification and auditing services.

Our Certification
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ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

It is an improved version of ISO previous version of QMS ISO 9001: 2008. ISO 9001: 2015 Standardization evolves by adding: 1) More focus on process approach, risk management, performance monitoring and metrics. 2) Greater emphasis on interested parties. 3) Careful analysis of the context of organization needed for ensuring quality improvement.

ISO 45001:2018 -Occupational Health & Safety management System

Ensure employee safety. Help to win employee’s confidence. Controlling and monitoring risks at work. Preventive approach for possible risks. Improved reputation in market. Decrement in the accident, health related cost. Motivates the staff as commitment to their welfare. Improved productivity and profitability. Increased return over investment.

ISO 22000:2018 (FSMS) Food Safety Management System.

Implementing the FSMS framework in food industries can be highly beneficial for food manufacturers who want to improve the safety performance and food quality management system of their products. It confirms the application of sufficient controls and procedures to ensure food safety. Proof that you care for your customer. Assurance to cu

ISO 14001:2015(EMS) Environment Management System.

An EH&S that meets the requirements of ISO 14001 is a very beneficial management tool to the organization. It will enable the company to control the environmental impact of its activities, improve its environmental performance continually, have a systematic approach to setting environmental objectives and achieving them, and ensure legal

ISO 27001:2013-Information Security Management System

Save time and money. Boost reputation of the organization. Build trust in the organization. Comply with legal requirements. Achieve competitive advantage. Enhance defense against cyber-attacks. Provides security to your information. Improved work culture in an organization. Centrally managed and controlled framework.

13485:2016 (MDQMS)Medical Devices Quality Management System.

​The benefits of ISO 13485 Medical device – Quality Management System certification include demonstration of regulatory compliance and better risk assessment. Certification helps to comply with regulatory requirements. It also ensures to consumers